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College Lapel Pins

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A college is an institution where students study for degrees and where academic research is done. University refers to the provision of teaching and research conditions and authorization of degree-granting institutions of higher education. Divided into a comprehensive university, college university or college. The college now generally include a grant master's and doctoral degrees, Graduate School and professional schools, as well as an undergraduate bachelor degree hospital. The University also includes vocational college. A university is an institution where students study for degrees and where academic research is done.

In addition to the name school and faculty, there are institute, academy, Conservatory, center for college. "University" is by the word "universe", the predecessor derived from. Ivy Alliance is a consortium of long history universities from eight of the northeastern United States, teaching and research capacity-class college. These colleges are world-class university, and almost equally long history as the US. They include: Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, Cornell University.

When students graduate, they may be get the graduation pins. When they go to class or take the college, school lapel pin is needed. Many colleges offer custom lapel pins to existing members for recruiting others to their club, and this is the student council pins. Here is the college lapel pin:  "LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY" and "LAW CENTER", inside with words: "UNION, JUSTICE CONFIDENCE 1906". Center is the eagle (eagle pins) standing with big swing on the water. Background color is white and purple, gold plating. Email us if you want to custom your recognition lapel pin.
college lapel pins
Below is the detailed specification:
1) College lapel pins
2) Material: Iron/bronze
3) Size: Diameter 1 1/4" or custom size
4) Attachment: Butterfly clutch
5) Production process: Stamping-plated-enamel
6) Minimum order: No MOQ
7) Sampling time: 7 days
8) Delivery time: 10-18 days for 1000-5000pcs
9) Packaging: Each into a free poly bag
10)Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal