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Cool Keychains

Something regarded as cool is an admired aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style, influenced by and a product of the Zeitgeist. "Cool is a knowledge, a way of life." – Lewis MacAdams." Coolness is the proper way you represent yourself to a human being." – Robert Farris Thompson. So cool is the life. Cool keychains and cool botter openers is the people who likes cool thing in his life. Use the interesting key ring, it will be more funny and self-confident, enhance the quality of life. Cool may means novelty,unique and newness.

We are produceing many kinds of keychains, like sports keychain, name keychains, car keychains, also many of them are metal keychain. This cool keychain is a terrifying face like the ghost's head. It's very horrible key ring but very cool. Made of iron, craftmanship of offset printing, plated with nickel very lifelike.

cool keychains

Below is the detailed specification:
1) Cool keychains
2) Material: Iron/bronze
3) Size: 1" or custom size
4) Attachment: Key ring
5) Production process: Die struck--polishing
6) Minimum order: 1 piece
7) Sampling time: 8 days
8) Delivery time: 10-25 days for 1000-10000pcs
9) Packaging: Each into a free poly bag
10)Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal