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How To Wear Lapel Pin

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Someone do someone's things. Wear college lapel pins when you are a student, take one Christmas lapel pin when Christmas coming, promotional lapel pins are free for Merchant. Lapel pins wearing have the way; not only reflects the identity yourself, and reflects the image of your etiquette. The lapel pins are generally worn on the left chest position, such as some conference lapel pin worn on the collar on the suit, armbands has a relatively fixed position.

how to wear lapel pinSize and severity will be cared when wear lapel pin, need increase the butterfly lapel pin when it's heavy and big. To prevent the lapel pin from falling. Also can be equipped with a magnet affixed when small and lightweight. To avoid the clothes left on the barbed horse pinholes. Also note wearing lapel pin match with the color of clothes. Pregnant women and children to wear a lapel pin, to make use of magnetic accessories, so as not to stab skin.

Tips: wear lapel pin does not leave holes and not damage the clothes:
1.Disconnect it from the lapel pin on the back of the accessories, general for butterfly clutch or rubber clutch, accessories stuck behind the lapel pin hanging clothes.
2.Mirror selected, generally two places, collar and jacket pocket
3.Try to find the seams on the collar will pocket to insert lapel pin.
4.Seams can be good to cover up the small hole.