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Sexy Bikini Bottle Opener

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Who ever thought of bikini bottle opener on it? This is probably the sexiest, most women a unique bottle opener. Because only women can use the basic. Well a man can wear a bikini? This is probably a big problem. This has been considered the world's most sexy wine with a. The underwear into a bottle opener buckle, turn over will be able to get beer bottles (and a man's heart, obviously).

Bikini bottle opener, can make men feel that women are more wild and sexy. Depending on wine and women is difficult to share open ah, the underwear over the pages, this action is sufficient to bloody the nose of men. All of a sudden, beer cap was opened, it is incredible how ah. So bikini bottle opener is a very creative and unique products.

sexy bikini bottle opener
Can be made ​​of iron or zinc alloy, nickel-plated and then you can. Price is very affordable.