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Ring Bottle Opener

Hand can do the vast majority of things in our life.Thank God give us so perfect hand.So nimble, powerful,charming.Also,there are many kinds of products with hand.Ring is the most important one.Also,glove,handball,scissors,boxing are the subsidiary things with hand.


Today,we introduce one special metal craft with hand.It's ring bottle opener.Can open the beer bottle with hand.Very convenient and cool.Thinking of you opener it with your ring,but your friend is not find it.What would happen?They will call you magic or inconceivable.


how to use ring bottle opener

Also,this ring bottle opener is made of stainless steel.Size of diameter 25mm,thickness 1.4mm.Very light and easy to carry.Will not get rusty and very hard to ruin it.


ring bottle opener

It's a particular bottle opener.Like our Unique Bottle Openers of the key,and Novelty Bottle Openers of the bottle cap.Very glad you can have it one day.