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Bottle Cap Opener

Bottle opener can be design to be any shape or Unique Bottle Openers.It can be made with the things in our life or just idea.Like pen,bottle,keychain,car,fish,tree,guitar,hand or even head.When it is more special it will be more popular with people.Who likes the normal or similar one with others?


Just a arts in your house,put it on your table,hang on the wall or in your pocket.When you seeing it,will bring the good mood for you.Innovate can promote the society.Change our life with every side.And because innovate we can live the happiness life. 

bottle cap opener
This bottle cap opener is made with zinc alloy.Plating with anti-bronze,color with soft enamel.Looks like a cap.When you making bottle openrer,the size of gap is the most important thing to do.It should be suitable to open.That’s the basic thing.