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Lapel Pin Emperor And King

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When the "lapel pin Emperor" encounter "lapel pin King", flying in the sky hundreds of lapel pins. Volunteer service in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Universiade Lu Jing-chao, as eager to collect lapel pins as the "lapel pin Emperor." The day before yesterday, a special collection from Beijing to Shenzhen Universiade lapel pin of the "control lapel pin" Lo, specifically through the South have found King Lu Chao. They hit it off, while the exchange of ideas, while a lot of swap lapel pins.


Shenzhen Universiade in service more than one million volunteers, Jing Lu from Hong Kong over his extraordinary attention because of their special interests eager to collect all kinds of lapel pins. As a senior volunteer from the Beijing Lapel Pin Emperor And King

Lapel Pin Emperor And King
Olympics and Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games to the just-concluded Shenzhen Universiade, Lu Jing Chao will use every opportunity for their own "Amoy" some lapel pins. The Universiade is said he collected more than 40 lapel pins, lapel pin number of the current hand has more than 600 pieces, this won the "lapel pin God" in the title.


But in fact, this figure is more "professional" lapel pin enthusiasts seems to be just "peanuts." Two days ago, reporters in the South are brought together, a special collection from Beijing to Shenzhen Universiade Lo lapel pin to visit the "Royal emblem" Lu Jing Chao. Lo do not want to disclose his full name, claiming to be a military hospital in Beijing's military service, have served the Beijing Olympics.


Although the "lapel pin Emperor," the collection is not much, but Lo feel worthwhile. He said the collection of lapel pins you can cultivate body and mind, learn a lot of knowledge and, more importantly, made many friends, "the general large-scale international events, the lapel pin will be set off heat, such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Guangzhou Asian Games, I believe that large Games also gave birth to Shenzhen lapel pin hot. "