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United Nations Lapel Pin Obtained With Skilled Craft

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Record an outstanding arts and crafts lapel pin winner Joe UNESCO facies rocks to sit and knife


In the 2010 "Outstanding Handicrafts UNESCO" certification activities, the town of La Mans Larry village groups of pregnant village Dai Young Joe facies rocks and knives were sitting with "pineapple compiled basket" and "Bo basket world "was awarded the UNESCO works outstanding bamboo handicrafts lapel pin. This is my first time, the state received this award Dai bamboo.


In order to develop a more refined appearance of bamboo, Joe facies rocks to sit and carefully study and bamboo craft knife, they usually choose thin, flexible, bamboo age of two to three years, Dai called "plum reward" of bamboo as the main materials, in addition to chop fine, pay attention to the process of scraping pattern knife, but also according to the preparation of materials and shapes to choose the preparation techniques, and according to the type of bamboo of different colors of paint on the brush, so bamboo is even more beautiful. Knife rock that look the same size of bamboo is not the same refined quality, not the same selling price, a difference of less, such as bamboo tables, fruit plate, may be a difference of 10 yuan, a difference of as much basket, may a difference of 50 yuan.


In order to improve the level and response authorities bamboo bamboo into tourism products to the call of the relevant departments of the organization, Joe facies sitting in 2009, 2010, 2011, knife rock in 2010, 2011, UNESCO participated in the UN UNESCO held in Longchuan bamboo craft training in each three-day training period, They pay attention in class, to seriously study, the teacher from Sichuan professor in the classroom a lot of new bamboo styles and methods. Training came back, sat Joe facies rocks and knives teachers to teach in accordance with the method, the bamboo began to innovate on the creation of further changes in bamboo table, bamboo basket shape, so watch the bamboo into both the value and use value of art.Below is the recognition lapel pin.


United Nations lapel pin

Thankful transmission technology


The past two years, the dominant producers of bamboo knife rock table, bamboo coffee table, sit Joe facies mainly prepared bamboo basket, through participation in relevant organizations, technical training and his years of practice and exploration, They weave techniques, have greatly improved the speed knitting , now takes only one and a half cutter rock will be able to compile a good time or a table, a bamboo bamboo coffee table, sold to wholesalers, each about 55 yuan; Joe facies prepared to sit mainly bamboo basket, he compiled a good backpack is also just a two days, sold to wholesalers, each of about 120. At present, They can be prepared according to the requirements of customers of various shapes beautiful bamboo table, bamboo coffee table, basket, basket.


They prepared bamboo products as beautiful appearance, good quality, often to the house to order wholesalers, in addition to the state’s wholesalers, as well as Baoshan, Dali, Kunming, Shanghai and other customers, product demand. To this end, occasionally there are some relatives, acquaintances They come to ask, when this happens, They will carefully and patiently and carefully to give explanations. They agreed that they can get the UN lapel pin, in addition to their hard efforts, and inseparable from the concern and support departments, in the future as long as they ask someone to bamboo technology, They will be taught without reservation, so the majority of bamboo love benefited. On the future development of bamboo, Joe facies rocks to sit and full of hope and confidence in the knife: "With the opening of the railway and highway building and further development of tourism, bamboo products, prices will further improve, we will spare no effort to inherit development of bamboo industry to allow more people to buy bamboo, and from the heart like it. "