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Take Single Lapel Pin To Search Your Fate

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Shanghai International Studies University students have also "hold" to continue with. "Single SISUer who stick of God boldly reveal their own section as it! IamSingle, butNOTalone!" Recently, in all networks, microblogging heat transfer on a message, and soon attracted the attention of many students on the outside. Reporters learned that the senior English students and the students designed a small yellow "single lapel pin" one of the offset printing lapel pin, intends to November 11, the eve of the $ 5 sale price to the students, then the day of the November 11 group to wear, to find their own of fate.

single lapel pin
It is reported that single lapel pin While this limited edition 1111, when students can choose whether to stay in the purchase of their own information. "If you are willing to leave their contact information and blessings and the like, and we will forward your information posted on any lapel pin on the back of the opposite sex. Sold the same day, we will draw these lapel pins into two similar box box , heterosexual contact is able to get a lapel pin, your fate depends on it! "Huang said, if students do not want to leave contact information, you can also wear on the day in a single section While this lapel pin, personally find their own" hit it off "another one lapel pin.