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London Olympic Games lapel pins sale in Beijing in July

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Both lapel pins are to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympics designed to make the flag ceremony. A did not use any coloring, plating completely different way by the metal itself, gold and silver produced by two-color; another lapel pin of "2012" piece of metal can slide, as if the flags in the flagpole down.It’s aflag lapel pin

Beijing Olympics closing ceremony of the London bus image appeared made into lapel pins.  

London Olympics emblem basic models, each using a standard color of a London Olympics. 

Previously, only fly to the Olympic Games host country to buy the lapel pins, but now it can be bought at home. Industry as a global flagship company lapel pin, Beijing Hua Jiangwen of the company has just been in London Organizing Committee for the International Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee tripartite authority, will be July 27 countdown to the 2012 London Olympics the first anniversary, located in Qianmen Street flagship store and the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee, store in the nest on sale in London Olympics emblem. This is the Olympic history, the first time in the host country and the mass away from the seat ahead of the IOC Olympic licensed merchandise sales.


All lapel pins qualified 2012


London Olympic Games emblem style a total of 2012, this is the first time in Olympic history to limit the number of lapel pins style. After officially went on sale in Beijing, all new lapel pins will be sold both in Beijing and London simultaneously listed.


Currently in London, has 930 to start selling a variety of kinds of lapel pins, these lapel pins by topic into different series, looks distinctive: "Weather" series, there is London and the umbrella of the Food of Love; "Royal Series ", there is history of the lapel pin miniature version of the British Wangwang Guan; in" Bird Series "where you can see different birds and the London Olympics logo pattern combinations. Pet dogs were very fond of London, there is a set of lapel pins to your dog theme. Interestingly, these lapel pins also put a layer of the surface of plush, feels as if caressing their own in the dog.


70% of the world’s limited edition


While the London Olympics a very large number of lapel pins style, but to collect they are not easy. According to regulations, these lapel pins have 70% of the styles are limited edition, some models of the global circulation of only 2012. Such as the London Olympic mascot released, was simultaneously issued two lapel pins, because its production is very low, despite the listing price is only 35 pounds, but was quickly steal a listing, said its value has now soared to more than 2000 pounds . But in the world, "Olympic emblem off" in the eyes of these very precious commemorative lapel pin is undoubtedly the most attractive.


designers are after 80s’


The London Olympics in Beijing earlier emblem has been able to mass sales, is the lapel pin because all 2012 are research and development in Beijing; the access lapel pin class right Hua Jiangwen of overseas sales, it is the designer of these lapel pins, and all of the design team from "80" designer.


"The Captain" Yuanze Ming is the oldest of the team, May 17 has just celebrated his 31st birthday. Although very young, but his work has earned the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2012 London Olympic stage for two Olympic Games. For inspiration, he and his partner were not only well-known history of the Olympics, the host country culture, and we hold onto the times. For example, to reflect the London Olympic Organizing Committee publicized "This is the opening session of the Olympic Games" concept, they designed a mirror Olympic history lapel pin. "The Olympics is a national cultural window, mirror on the meaning that people can see through the colorful world of the Olympic Games." Yuan Zeming said.

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