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China Centuries Lapel Pins Illustrations Published

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China Centuries Lapel Pins Illustrations Writer China Centuries Lapel Pins Illustrations Content
Bangladesh and ocean written centuries lapel pins illustrations, a book recently published by the PLA Publishing House, this more than 420 pages, art paper, full color printing of books, collection of nearly 2000 lapel pins, runs of 130 years since the late Qing Dynasty to the present time,covers the lapel pins has been all kinds of important works from China. People's Liberation Army Press Club president and editor-in-chief, Zheng Hui said: "This is the experts evaluated as" lapel pins collection and research areas is the most comprehensive and informative "books, unique content, beautifully printed book, the authors attempt to" see reflected see the whole picture, details and stories to follow the laws of memory to restore the ecology of the event, the taste of the history of social change, died Fudang, the passage of time, in 2000 flashing spot presented one by one, this one gold lapel pins lit hundred years "memory".