What’s The Metal Lapel Pins

In the manufacture of the pin, metal lapel pin is the most common. The so-called metal lapel pins,made ​​of metal data. Some of the data of copper (copper unmatched soft, good toughness, commonly used bronze, copper or brass), stainless steel, zinc alloy and iron, and manufactured according to these types of data lapel pin capital in terms of copper most expensive sequence is zinc alloy, stainless steel, iron. Ordinary in terms of iron is the cheapest, but the iron harder more brittle, there is no copper lines, beauty and post-disposal even more cumbersome than the copper to copper to be relatively soft enamel lapel pin punching machine, stamping, and hand and mechanical polishing, lapel pins lines clear, patterns are convex, so that the lapel pin even more of the beautiful does not mean.


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