Understanding Lapel Pin

Lapel pin” by definition would not expect the military lapel pin of their medals, lapel pins worn by the old Red Army.

I truly understand the lapel pin after lapel pin types of various purposes, such as promotional activities, a national key scenic tourism medals, lapel pins increasingly important role.

Lapel pin is a lightweight and compact jewelry is widely used, such as advertising and promotion Memorial, will be the lapel pin as a commemoration of, precious and meaningful lapel pin is also growing

Collection of many domestic and foreign people.

Lapel pin there are many types, such as a wide range of hanging, key chain, Mission mode, bookmarks, double-sided coins, embroidery lapel pins, each one has a sense.

Lapel pin production process: the lapel pin use of copper, aluminum and other production requirements, according to the production of guests, lapel pins generally hard enamel lapel pins, soft enamel, or stamping lapel pins, each production process is different.

The lapel pins are not the same.

Lapel pin design: the size of the lapel pin upon request to make a variety of different size according to your design needs. The lapel pin of the thickness of different, imitation enamel thickness of 1.5mm bite version or print pins, paint 1.2mm, 1.0mm and so on. According to customer requirements.


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