Three Kinds Of Wine Bottle Opener

Do not look like a simple red wine open, it also requires skill, is an elegant and have some know-how of the action. Currently the market is best to use the wine bottle opener, there are three points: One is the traditional waiter’s knife, bottle opener and electric pressure opener.

Waiter’s knife with the basic principle, when the rotating bottle opener and bottle to the bottom of the seal, and maintain the vertical angle downward turn, it is not easy to break the cork. If you accidentally open the bottle when the cork break or slip into the bottleneck, you can tilt the bottle, the auger into the cork in the diagonal direction, and then gently pull out the cork breakage.

Electric opener of the operation as follows: hold down the electric opener. “Activating button” below to rotate action to stop the sound, press the “Activate button” at the top, you can exit the cork. In addition, essentially without the use of open sparkling wine bottle opener, as long as you can by hand, and a little skill. But note that, under internal pressure bubble bottle, the bottle Do not open any bottle in front of people and breakable objects, or swing the bottle, spray bottle to avoid wounding.

Using pneumatic or electric opener wine bottle opener to open the difficulty is very small: pneumatic opener operation as follows: 1, will cut the paper placed in the bottle top of the device 90 degrees to rotate the blade stuck in the bottle, cut open foil; 2, bottle opener cork into the middle of the needle from the bottle, cover your bottle with a plastic protective sleeve; 3, up and down the air into the bottle until the cork from the bottle slide 4, the use of protection put a small plastic slider, the needle on the cork from the gas exit.

It seems difficult to describe, actually a very easy-to-oh.


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