Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges

New York Times: Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges

The police is a real police officer. The badge is a fake badge.

There may not be such a thing in the police force that can represent the law like a badge. In many police families, the badges are passed on from generation to generation. Newly recruited police officers are told to keep their badges properly whether they are on or off duty.

In New York, however, the city seems to be getting more and more secure. Civil servants are wearing photo identification badges and the monitoring system on the pavement is also increasing. However, some police officers do not wear badges when patrolling. Instead, They wear fakes.

These fake badges are made exactly the same, but they are not authorized. These police officers are required to wear badges because losing and replacing a real badge means punishment and heavy penalties – up to 10 days’ wages.

Although the fake badge violates the department’s policy, it is difficult to eradicate it for a long time. It is estimated that among the more than 35,000 police officers currently employed, several thousand police officers are using fake badges. On average, 25 police officers who use fake badges are punished. member.

According to older police officers, the purpose of recalling the initial purchase of fake badges was, “Sometimes suddenly not knowing where the badges were placed, suddenly came the task.” A New York City police officer said that most of them now come from online or police equipment. The shop purchased these badges, ranging from $25 to $75. Although many shopkeepers claimed not to sell the badges, the police said more about knowing where to buy them.

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