The story of the sports lapel pin collectors

Far apart to meetSpeaking of these Chapter friend, they come from many, including military personnel, IT practitioners, civil servants, cooks, workers, media persons. They gathered together for a common goal: the sports lapel pin for others. This “deal” be reached, both sides exchanged will be very happy.

Zhao, retired, is the oldest chapter of Friends of. 70-year-old’s Zhao used to like collecting coins, later accidentally exposed to a lapel pin, suddenly fell in love with this collection. Retired nothing to do, I have a week to come around, get some of their favorite lapel pin back, but also made a lot of good friends. ”

Looking forward to his collection of lapel pins can appreciate at the same time, more stress is placed on the exchange of lapel pins to bring happiness. Chapter of Friends of the network called “Lu”, said: “I was a soldier, and the circle of relatively small, but by every weekend to ‘Mai two’, and made more and more friends.” Ma Ying-jeou is The body of the possession of an online network forum moderator, usually engaged in the IT industry, he is the first from the Internet found that such a group of people. Ma Ying-jeou said: “all year round in this circle, playing lapel pin, we are familiar with each other. But, interestingly, we are still accustomed to using the screen name to call each other, for example, called ‘ticket stub’, called ‘Europe Duck’ , called ‘Descendants of the Dragon’ …… while the all faithful to the common nickname called ‘octopus’.

Compared to other collections, sports lapel pins cost low, easy to start. And the dawn of the Olympic Games, World Cup contest, franchisees have launched a new lapel pin, various sports associations, the media, sponsors will be the chapter. Attached to the trading lapel pin exchange, the full enjoyment of the lapel pin exchange to bring happiness, but also very optimistic about the future appreciation of the space of the peace lapel pin. The short term, the 2008 Olympic lapel pin does not have a great appreciation, no matter how valuable a lapel pin, no matter how rare, up to 2000 yuan, but again after decades of precipitation, will not the same. “Chapter of Friends of a man named WANG Shu told reporters, just go to EBAY to see will know that 100 years ago, Olympic lapel pins, some up to several thousand or even million.


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