The Step Of Custom Lapel Pins

Anything as long as you add a pin behind it can be used to make a pin. The fact is also true. But for many pins that require customization, you have to find a professional pin factory to do. Here’s a simple introduction to the steps for custom pins:
Custom pin

1.Gather your thoughts on the pin and other points, best to draw a sketch
2.The sketch can be scanned or photographed, saved as jpg image format on the computer
3.You can find a lot of related manufacturers in the Internet by searching for “insignia 4.production” or “pin factory” in Google.
5.Provide necessary information, contact information, etc., send emails to these 6.manufacturers, or contact us by phone (It’s best to email the picture in the past)
7.Most organizations will reply to confirmation within one business day
8.If all goes well, you can get a custom pin in about 10 days.


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