Teachers And Students Designed Lapel Pin

Twenty thousand teachers and students together for the celebration of design school lapel pin, volunteer lapel pin and solicitation of voluntary service slogan, as a celebration of Health.

In June of this year, the call of the Yunnan Nationalities University, nearly 20,000 teachers and students have added to the lapel pin to commemorate the celebration of design, carefully selected teachers and students to vote, the anniversary logo, slogan and commemorative lapel pin baked. The Art Institute classmate Luo Jia Ming said: “The pattern of the overall image of the ‘hands’, is the Chinese Young Volunteers sign extended, the China Youth Volunteers are part of the Chinese Young Volunteers; spiral pattern is outstanding in the pictorial decoration of the Chinese civilization representative, on behalf of the speed, strong, brave and good fortune, moral nation is the common progress of students in China campus … “


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