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Pure Gold And Silver Lapel Pin

Pure gold and silver lapel pin is a very expensive class collection. Because of their own material prices, coupled with superb technology, so these lapel pins are very collectable. Because of these lapel pins are not allowed to export. Coupled with the domestic market demand is not large, so many plants do not do foreign […]


Bamboo Handicrafts Won The United Nations Lapel Pin

In 2010 UNESCO outstanding handicrafts lapel pin certification activities from Mans Joe facies sit and knife rock each other’s work, “compiled pineapple basket” and “Bo basket World” won the 2010 United Nations UNESCO outstanding handicrafts lapel pin. From 2009 to 2011, for three consecutive years Mans organized Mans town and wind Pingchen 7 Dai bamboo […]


Collection Higher Value Lapel Pin

Ancient China, the lapel pin as a power and majesty of the symbol used for the banner with the symbol of power, with the rise of industry and the development of the smelting technology, a variety of metal lapel pin industry is increasingly flourish. As lapel pin making further development of the technology, the use […]