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Irregular Lace Rotating Key Chain

Introduced today is a special rotating key ring, approximately as shown   The rotating key chain is produced for Wal-Mart, the center of the flower shape of the region is that Wal-Mart’s LOGO. As shown, the location in need of pumping heart is the location identified by the green line, badges like this, we reserve […]


Rectangular Rotating Key Chain

As shown in green thin position is pumping the location of the heart pumping heart in the original has been said, the rings need to pay attention to is the green vertical line, left and right must be symmetric, while the rings must be in the frame center of the square, because the slightest deviation, […]


Circular Rotating Key Chain

Rotating metal key chain is a very technical content of the novelty keychain, the difficulty is the need for pumping heart, is the badge on the side location of the center Want to make a hole, then insert a needle, so that the center area of the badge can be rotated to show we introduced […]