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Company Lapel Pins Making

Lapel pins production in the enterprise system is indispensable, then at what time which need pins, what kind of special role? Lapel pins is the spokesman for corporate image. lapel pins can establish a good image in the public, on the long-term development of enterprise has played a continuing role. Lapel pins is the best […]

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American Red New Cross Lapel Pins 2

Such as the American Red Cross has a long history but it is also very high brand awareness agencies, to make any changes (even if such a change is better than before), will create a lot of doubts on the brand. Here there is a dilemma balance point: if you just further beautify “the people […]


American Red Cross lapel pins

American Red Cross was founded in 1881, is the world’s largest and one of the most famous rescue organization, mainly responsible for blood collection, disaster relief, ambulance War soldiers and victims, community education and advocacy services. More than 500,000 volunteers in 700 chapters nationwide and 35,000 staff. Me toward the Red Cross, vice president of […]


A Lapel Pin A Journey

A lapel pin a journey, a journey is a story. Sit on each of them are tourist bus travelers, are blinds on the lapel pin attracted offer their own one, and the end of the journey, as “a visit to the Memorial. After more than three years of collecting, Zhang master car has been linked […]


Understanding Lapel Pins

The term “lapel pins” in the past did not come into contact with the lapel pins, really do not know about the lapel pins, do not really know there are lapel pins like jewelry. Since the exposure lapel pins, I know I need to learn many things, he really did not know it, slowly, over […]

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Australian Museum Lapel Pins

Australia lapel pins sometimes inlaid with precious stones, this gem is Opal. Opal is a transliteration of the English OPAL, and also someone to translate it into Opal, which is a more expensive opal, mainly produced in Australia. OPAL from Latin OPALUS, meaning as set precious stones in a “. Opal is also known as: […]


Love Lapel Pins (one)

Henry Hewitt, rocket Christian¬†lapel pin is cut off contact between he and cherished woman Cecil Si Qiluo this, The Associated Press photographer not put it in pocket is hung around the neck. Henry Hewitt to be rushed to the battlefield of Vietnam to interview that day, Cecil put it in his hands, said: “I see […]