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How To Collect Lapel Pins

Collection lapel pins and collection of other items, require strict classification. One is convenient collection, the second is easy to manage in the future. Through reasonable classification, collectors can easily manage the lapel pins, but also collectors to develop good habits. Categories lapel pinss generally have the following categories: According to the purpose of division […]

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Lapel Pins Storage Methods

Common storage methods are: 1 do not distributed: the advantage of simple, affordable, but the disadvantage can not be marked with historical data, easy to damage in the constant friction of the surface pattern of the stamping lapel pins. This method is in the primary who. 2 coin clip-on: the advantage is easy to carry, […]


How To Protective Lapel Pins

A collector, not only have Zhenhan and rich collections, and have a clear purpose of collection; must not only have the ability to identify a high standard of appreciation, but also have considerable cultural and historical and special knowledge; but also do collections the binding The way of protection. Where the lapel pin collectible must […]