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There are many kinds of pins and there are many types of pins. Common collectors generally do not have a point. In fact, it is not difficult to identify pins. As long as you learn to understand the nature of the pins prior to collection, you can start slowly. The market is mainly based on […]

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Love Lapel Pins (Final)

Recently, a Hewitt photography exhibition opened in Paris, France, on the other descendants of the victims of the aircraft Russell Belo rocket lapel pin back to Cecil. Cecil said: “Such a small thing, but then the twists and turns of the story come a long way.” Cecil wearing Mexican sweater, but also other one when […]


Love Lapel Pins (Three)

Five These letters, the U.S. military realized that they should rocket religiou enamel¬†lapel pin to Cecil. Pyle from Costa Rica because there know the things of the letter, contact with U.S. authorities, he said: “I told him that this thing called experimental realism to the U.S. Army Hawaii, he is very pleased to said aloud, […]


Love Lapel Pins (Two)

Three 27 years, the lapel pin has been lying quietly on the hill of Laos. In 1992, the United States resumed diplomatic relations with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the three socialist countries, the U.S. military began searching to find the wreckage of the crashed aircraft, 1998 AP Sai Kung, editor in chief Richard Pyle and photographer […]


State Lapel Pins Evolution

Various states have their own patriotic lapel pins, old west lapel pins are state governments abandoned Mexican coin manufacturing. Many lapel pin collectors for cop (police) the word evolved from the copper (brass), Stuart Berg, Flexner, in his famous “the I the Hear America, Talking” (Annotation: The book is about the evolution of the American […]


Lapel Pin History Of Mine

In human crazy Olympics sports competitions, the Olympics is not just for sports events, there are other more exciting cultural events, the host city for the rich cultural event, fascinating. The same wonderful Olympic Games lapel pin exchanges – also became the Olympic Games, “accessories” to the thousands of ten thousand dollars, the amount of […]