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Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges

New York Times: Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges The police is a real police officer. The badge is a fake badge. There may not be such a thing in the police force that can represent the law like a badge. In many police families, the badges are passed on from generation to generation. […]

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Lapel Pins Types Custom

The pins is usually made of metal and is suitable for a different suit jacket or sports coat lapel. If you want to make a pins, you can find a lot of custom pins manufacturers specializing in pins production services through Google. First recognize various pins types There are several kinds of pins styles, and […]

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How To Choose Lapel Pins

Cloisonne (often referred to as hard enamel) – the preferred object Cloisonne enamel lapel pin called, is the use of traditional Chinese Cloisonne lapel pin made??. Since most of the lapel pins (I hear) is manufactured in China, in a sense, this lapel pin is only the production process to control its birthplace was elected. […]


Identification Cloisonné Lapel Pin And Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

In recent years, around the collectibles market, the fake lapel pin showing to be getting worse, especially rare lapel pin for generic use of advanced technology, more fish, make it difficult to distinguish between true and false. The fake lapel pins, including imitation (ie, genuine chapter blueprint for mold manufacturing fake chapter) and concoct products […]