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Olympic Lapel Pins Exchanging

First Olympic lapel pins prototype at the 1896 Athens Olympics. Beginning in 1988, the “Olympic lapel pins exchange” traditional items sessions of Olympic host cities, has become an important component of the Olympic culture, even during the Olympic Games, “the audience first movement is called. Lapel pins exchange center became a free exchange of people […]

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London Olympic commemorative lapel pins designed shines Beijing

As the only Chinese companies get a franchise in the 2012 London Olympics, Huajiang Wen set up a branch in London. On the screen, a small conference room in the London branch sat 18 people, 8 blonde “foreigner”. Branch preliminary design in 2008, only 4 people. 18 employees, in addition to the of Yin Min […]


Go Buy The Game Lapel Pins!

Net purchases of people recently wandering the Internet, some in foreign ebay and other shopping sites found some very interesting things, and that is hand-painted game characters theme button lapel pins, and popular pricey. The button lapel pin designs are drawn by the original seller, rich in imagination and individual personality, style, very cute. Currently […]