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Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges

New York Times:¬†Thousands of New York Police Use False Badges The police is a real police officer. The badge is a fake badge. There may not be such a thing in the police force that can represent the law like a badge. In many police families, the badges are passed on from generation to generation. […]

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Lapel Pins Category

There are many kinds of pins and there are many types of pins. Common collectors generally do not have a point. In fact, it is not difficult to identify pins. As long as you learn to understand the nature of the pins prior to collection, you can start slowly. The market is mainly based on […]

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Lapel Pins Types Custom

The pins is usually made of metal and is suitable for a different suit jacket or sports coat lapel. If you want to make a pins, you can find a lot of custom pins manufacturers specializing in pins production services through Google. First recognize various pins types There are several kinds of pins styles, and […]

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How To Collect Lapel Pins

Collection lapel pins and collection of other items, require strict classification. One is convenient collection, the second is easy to manage in the future. Through reasonable classification, collectors can easily manage the lapel pins, but also collectors to develop good habits. Categories lapel pinss generally have the following categories: According to the purpose of division […]

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How To Exchange Lapel Pins

Market, many lapel pins collectors struggle to find their favorite lapel pins making, there are a lot of people through the exchange of badges, and others to Add to the best, the most precious lapel pins, only an exchange of feelings, but also to convey the feelingsthe exchange lapel pins market has become a beautiful […]

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Identifying Lapel Pins Of True Or False

1, Have not seen and there is no historical basis for the lapel pin, must figure out the source of its life experience, whether all elements in line with the prevailing historical environment, but also to identify the parameters of the manufacturing and awarded based on. 2, lapel pins do not understand the right moment, […]


Distinguish Lapel Pins With Appearance

Lapel pin making, some lapel pin can be very obvious that its technology, but some lapel pins due to the smaller difference in appearance, but is not technology, its price, materials, usually there is a difference. Here we briefly introduced some confusing lapel pin technology to identify. A cloisonn√© and imitation enamel lapel pin: cloisonne […]