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Communist Youth League Lapel Pins

Communist Youth League lapel pins, commonly known as Tuanhui, a symbol of the Communist Youth League in Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought splendor unite young people of all ethnic groups to forge ahead the direction of party guidelines. Liguo Jing Tuanhui original designers. In 1958, the CYL Central book decided design Tuanhui, when he was art […]

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Lapel Pins Making In Beijing

The lapel pins making the features into the use of type and Memorial type • Use type: Beijing is the capital of China and the political and cultural center, many large projects on competitions held in Beijing, such as the 2008 Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary celebration in 2009. The biggest feature is the use […]

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Custom Lapel Pins With Professional Factory

The custom lapel pins being well known, they can be used as a political declaration, for charity or to help improve business, representing a variety of social organizations, or the surface of a person’s religious beliefs. Do the lapel pins more important point is looking for a suitable lapel pins factory, through sites such as […]

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Lindane And His Pins Story

Have You Wear A Pin Today? Do you know how to wear a pin? Wearing a lapel pin not only with the dress represents the image of a person’s etiquette, especially those admirable great, but also stirred up the hearts of self-confidence, a worship. Badminton champion Lin Dan in the game, often in the chest […]


Chinese Big Pins Region

East China and North China is the largest region of the lapel pin demand also lapel pin production base. Shanghai and Beijing, as the country’s largest political, cultural, and economic center of the annual demand lapel pin, lapel pin production requirements are high. Insignia complex design considerations are also many factors. Generally in the high-end […]