Super Mini Mobile Phone Shape Keychain

Germany in recent IFA consumer digital products at the show, a super mini mobile phone for the first time exposure, because this phone as the overall size of a matchbox size generally, is called the world’s smallest mobile phone.

The key chain-like cell phones red with chrome, black leather with a white crystal of the three colors, the normal version is priced at £ 199.99, not cheap, especially if the version is priced at up to £ 299.99, this general consumer price will obviously be prohibitive.

Understood that this phone body measurements for size only 68.5x38x16.2mm, weight 43 grams, with 1.76-inch touch screen, built-in MP3 player and Bluetooth, a microSD memory card expansion slot, and USB the interface. Of course, such a small phone it we do not expect much battery life, according to official reports, this phone can support 82 hours of standby and 150 minutes of talk time.

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