State Lapel Pins Evolution

Various states have their own patriotic lapel pins, old west lapel pins are state governments abandoned Mexican coin manufacturing. Many lapel pin collectors for cop (police) the word evolved from the copper (brass), Stuart Berg, Flexner, in his famous “the I the Hear America, Talking” (Annotation: The book is about the evolution of the American vocabulary. history), a book that cop is from Latin capere evolved and is the meaning of arrest.

Specific lapel pin does not mean that to use a specific shape from above by CH Hanson Company, in Chicago and New York, Everson-Ross Company, the production of lapel pins you can see, the different law enforcement agencies are free to choose their favorite style, does not appear in these designs the star-shaped pattern, the most used element is the U.S. national bird, bald Eagle, usually you will see its shadow in the non-star lapel pin.

Everyone will own lapel pin

Later, more than law enforcement agencies to use the lapel pin to represent their identity, the hotel doorman, rail conductor, bus driver, construction supervision, elevator operator, the various government departments have their own lapel pin. lapel pins began to become part of the uniform, including cap lapel pins and other nameplate. If your status is high enough, the star lapel pin will be your name, but usually on behalf of you is a digital, such as 9527.

Even the Copper Queen Smelter copper smelting plant in the night watch, security has its own lapel pin, when the security of many factories have, as long as the groups large enough to think we should have their own “police” that will give their own “police” produced lapel pins, such as self-think that the size of like a “small city”, a large supermarket or large enterprises.

In many major cities, lapel pin factory to flourish. Like a lot of design and manufacturing services, the final product a combination of technology and art. Simple lapel pins are generally made ​​of cheap materials and stamping process, and the complex will be used in the process of hand-carved, the material will be used on rare metals and even precious stones. Tinplate from the beginning to the later silver inlay gold-filled lapel pins slowly evolved into a symbol of authority and status.


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