Something Need To Know When Wear Pins

In the unit, lapel pins are often used to recognize or reward outstanding contributions in the work. For example, if you just promoted, the company will issue a special badge. In addition, many organizations and organizations have their own lapel pins to identify their members. The national flag badge has also been particularly popular over the years.

Consider where the badge is. It is usually worn on the collar of the formal dress at work or business. Men can also put the badge on the tie. The lady can put the badge on the left chest, close to the heart or the same man. Just don’t be on the collar.
Don’t have a lot of lapel pins. If it’s a badge for recognition or level purposes, it’s better not to be the nearest one.

To check whether the pin is worn, don’t be skewed. Wearing it is not a disrespect for others. Also check the position of the badge when you are walking.

Remember to take the pins off before going to bed, try to avoid the pin to break the clothes and so on.

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