Software Of The Lapel Pins Making

CorelDRAW is a graphics software developed by one of the world’s top software companies in Canada corel. Extraordinary design capabilities widely used in the logo design, sign making, the model drawn the illustrations painted, typesetting and color separation output in many fields. The extent of their favorite available facts show that almost all PC computers for commercial design and art design installed CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW is a loss design software, often used in the custom lapel pins making.

Illustrator ADOBE (Adobe), the United States launched the professional vector drawing tools, publishing, multimedia and online image industry standard vector illustration software. Have occupied more than 97% market share of the U.S. MAC platform vector software, with its powerful features and thoughtful user interface as the world’s leading graphics software Illustrator. In particular, based on the use of Adobe’s PostScript technology patented, Illustrator play in the field of desktop publishing a great advantage. Lapel pins making, Illustrator powerful deeply lapel pins favorite designers.


Photoshop ADOBE (Adobe)’s most famous image processing software, the set image scan, edit, modify, image production, advertising creative, image input and output in one of the graphics image processing software, the majority of graphic design and the computer art lovers. Lapel pins making, Photoshop is often used to quickly according to the requirements of customers change the artwork.

· lapel pins graphic design, what kind of artwork can be used to lapel pins making

· Depending on the artwork, select a different lapel pins craftsmanship

· Badge making process, artwork design to confirm comp

· Badge graphic designer to help you complete the badge making

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