Rectangular Rotating Key Chain

Rectangular rotating key ringAs shown in green thin position is pumping the location of the heart pumping heart in the original has been said, the rings need to pay attention to is the green vertical line, left and right must be symmetric, while the rings must be in the frame center of the square, because the slightest deviation, both sides will not be able to completely fit out the deviation, as shown in Figure (a) (2) (3) shows the location of the same circular metal keychain precautions, but this difficulty is in the center need to rotate the region in the geometric scaling, can not be rectangular left and right and up and down scaling the same distance, this time we need to be adjusted in accordance with their own experiences and feelings to the size of the adjustment is shown in Figure orange area. to maintain the same distance of the last circular area, generally is about two millimeters, colleagues in the zoom adjustment can not be together with a rectangular center LOGO scale, need to LOGO lock, adjust the metal frame alone.


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