Pure Gold And Silver Lapel Pin

Pure gold and silver lapel pin is a very expensive class collection. Because of their own material prices, coupled with superb technology, so these lapel pins are very collectable. Because of these lapel pins are not allowed to export. Coupled with the domestic market demand is not large, so many plants do not do foreign trade lapel pin silver or gold. Presented to government officials, the company has a significant bearing customers, important friends, etc., came to this high-value custom lapel pins. This is usually gold lapel pin as a gift to gift. This high value of the lapel pin presented to others, which shows the status of persons to be presented is unusual, while passing the business related information.

As the price of gold or silver material and inventory management and other factors, makes the common lapel pin factory gold or silver are not willing to do the lapel pin. This lapel pin do in the Zhejiang region, where a professional to do gold or silver lapel pin.


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  1. Lianne Says:

    We want this to be TIMELESS. Yeah right. The pin has the year on it and will be done soon. Check in every few days. T-shirt designs are done and will be up soon.