NOC Pins And Olympic Pins

“NOC” is an abbreviation for the National Olympic Committee. The Olympic pin collection is a large category in the collection of products surrounding the Olympic Games, one of the sports pins. It is an event with the highest penetration rate and participation rate. It includes national Olympic Committee production pins and sponsors’ production. The pin, which was issued by the host country of the Olympic Games, was called the “Official Medal” among the people. The most valuable one, known as the “crown jewel of the Olympics” pin, was the pin of the National Olympic Committee and the delegation.

Each national delegation participating in the Olympic Games will produce a variety of pins. The Olympic rings, logos, mascots and national symbols, national emblems, and national flags will be organically integrated to create a pin with the characteristics of the country. During the opening of the Olympic Games, Through the exchange of pins, gifts, to achieve the transfer of friendship, exchange of emotions.” Mr. Li introduced the industry. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, basically all participating countries have produced a NOC pin representing their country.

The colorful Olympic emblem is the culmination of the Olympic Games and the culture of various countries. It is a collection of fine works. Take the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as an example. The emblem of the delegation from the South Pacific island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia is particularly unique and beautiful.

Birds appear in many national Olympic committee pins at a high frequency, and their images are relatively unique. This is related to the fact that birds are the national symbol in many countries. For example, Guatemala’s Phoenix green gnawing cricket looks like a phoenix in Chinese mythology. Another example is that the four pins of Trinidad and Tobago are national birds and hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are a symbol of freedom and happiness in their eyes.


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