No Holes When Wear Pins

Wear a pin without leaving a hole

How to wear pins does not damage the clothes, do not leave a hole in the surface of the clothes

Various types of pins are becoming more and more popular. It is a very cool thing to wear special emblems that show individuality. pins can represent a variety of meanings, representing moods, such as smiley pins, sports, politics, etc. pins are mostly in clothes. In general, jackets, suits, etc. are not easy to make holes because the fabric is relatively thick, but some relatively thin clothes, such as shirts, can damage the clothes when worn improperly. Learn how to properly wear pins and do not break clothes. Tips become very meaningful.

Pull out the rear accessories from the pin. The general accessories are butterfly buckles or rubber caps. The accessories hold the pins behind the pin to hang the pin on the clothes.
The place where the pin is selected in the mirror is usually two places, on the collar and on the jacket pocket
Try to find the collar at the sewing seam on the pocket to insert the pin to sting the needle. The seams can hide the hole well.
Lock the accessories, pins are better!

Additional tips
When you are not wearing it, you can put a small tape on the back of your clothes so that the original hole will not expand.
Never wear a pin without a rear accessory. The tip of a thorn can easily hurt the skin.

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