Move The “GPS” – Electronic Lapel Pin

New technologies emerging. Where it is needed there will be invented. Many parents fear their children to and from the safety of the road, how to do it? It has recently been invented a moving “GPS” – electronic lapel pins.

It is said that, in order to prevent the students encountered was abducted on his way to school, traffic accidents, etc., was invented as a small white finger 5 cm instrument, called the wave lapel pin. It can not in the bag or chest, and then send information back to schools and parents computer, mobile phone. This child had a few blocks in the way to school, parents have to wear a few traffic lights at a glance, but also to avoid the trouble of daily shuttle. Technology developed after some panic in case of fire or accident scene, and so dangerous, rescue personnel will be able to detect radio waves to the students of this specific location, so be rescued. Not expensive, the market value of the wave lapel pin 100 yuan, can be seven or eight years, one year for a battery can, for most families should be no problem.

If students want to skip class, do not want to be parents to know that this instrument without deliberately how to do it? This is some of the problems. There can not be overlooked, that is, the perspective of the students themselves, feeling some terrible, not equal to their personal privacy, and what activities will be school and parents know. However, little is certain: poor parents! What are parents to do good for the children!


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  1. Rani Says:

    Love the new header!Good luck on the senwig. I got on a senwig jag a year or two ago.. I made pajama pants like crazy.. LOL. It was fun.Now my senwig machine is collecting dust.. LOL