Love Lapel Pins (Two)


27 years, the lapel pin has been lying quietly on the hill of Laos.

In 1992, the United States resumed diplomatic relations with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the three socialist countries, the U.S. military began searching to find the wreckage of the crashed aircraft, 1998 AP Sai Kung, editor in chief Richard Pyle and photographer Horst Faya Si together with Laos, local government staff, find the wreckage Hewitt when they ride, camera parts, damage to the watch, religious lapel pin.

Pyle rocket lapel pin was Hewitt’s carved French. But he never heard Hewitt filed Cecil, and archival photographs, search the Associated Press did not see the photos of Hewitt to wear this love rose lapel pin.

Unable to find conclusive evidence to prove this lapel pin of belonging, it is temporarily stored by the U.S. military. Appear until a woman with a pile of mysterious letters.


2004, the editorial director of the French Press Hailun Ni · I read the book entitled “Requiem” (Requiem,) by Faya Si write about, such as Hewitt in Vietnam and Indochina photographer of life lost during the war. Hailun Ni want to learn about life in Hewitt, speaking, and Hewitt, regarded as the brother due to family and relatives, a brother of Hewitt with Hailun Ni’s aunt married. Contact her Faya Si, two years later, the two together a book on Hewitt.

The fall of 2006, Costa Rica to the south of France took part in a photojournalism will come back and find a letter in her mailbox. The letter said: “Hello, I told Henry Hewitt nothing, but I have Henry Hewitt, a letter addressed to a woman, about 400 I want to see you and hope that these letters to you.”

Those letters is addressed to Cecil Si Qiluo this letter, in which he mentioned that she was born a small Italian town. I found the phone number of that town, a surname Si Qiluo this call, hit the fourth time she was lucky to find the brother of Cecil.

Brother recalls, “I said, ‘You can not call your sister Cecil, telling her there is something to be returned to her, that she had lost.’ The next day, Cecil We back up the phone. “


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