Love Lapel Pins (Three)


These letters, the U.S. military realized that they should rocket religiou enamel¬†lapel pin to Cecil. Pyle from Costa Rica because there know the things of the letter, contact with U.S. authorities, he said: “I told him that this thing called experimental realism to the U.S. Army Hawaii, he is very pleased to said aloud, ‘to find , we finally found ‘.

In France, Cecil letter forgotten in a suite she used to live, move because of the fuss they forgot one to help the new owner to move into young people found these letters, because their romantic touched, they take the custody to his mother. The woman custody for 15 years.


Hewitt was born in Vietnam in 1927, is the second of four children in the home, her mother is the daughter of the fine people of Vietnam, his father is a municipal engineer of the French colonial government in Indochina. Pyle to describe Hewitt one of the three people into a “life seen, Cecil called him she knew two of the best one. Co-wrote the book “written by Pyle and Faya Si disappeared in Laos.” Refers to a U.S. military officer said Hewitt, said he was the bravest man he had ever seen.

Colleagues and acquaintances said Hewitt, modest, prudent, honest, enthusiastic, very attractive to women.

With a child by the mother’s family, later, the father of their children returned to France at home. His youth, is not stable, he settled down, learn to draw, in the French Navy, he studied photography.

The fifties of the last century, he told a Russian-Vietnamese women get married, have two children. During that marriage did not last long.

Pyle said: “He is a mysterious person, we do not know anything about him, because he does not tell us anthing about than.”


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