Love Lapel Pins (Final)

Recently, a Hewitt photography exhibition opened in Paris, France, on the other descendants of the victims of the aircraft Russell Belo rocket lapel pin back to Cecil.

Cecil said: “Such a small thing, but then the twists and turns of the story come a long way.” Cecil wearing Mexican sweater, but also other one when Hewitt gave her silver glitter lapel pin.

Cecil refused to Hewitt had written her a letter to show people, she said that two of their privacy. She said that Hewitt is a cautious man, and certainly not to the letter made ​​public if he was alive, she wants to protect his memory, to protect her endless affection.

In 1975, Cecil left New York to France, first in the now defunct Trans World Airlines, then Air France, and remarried in 1978, as Cecil Bruce Mantell, she and her husband two daughters. Now she has 63 years, five grandson. She said that one day she’d take the rocket lapel pin to her now just five-year-old granddaughter.


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