Lapel Pins Types Custom

The pins is usually made of metal and is suitable for a different suit jacket or sports coat lapel. If you want to make a pins, you can find a lot of custom pins manufacturers specializing in pins production services through Google.

First recognize various pins types

There are several kinds of pins styles, and the price is different. The oldest advanced craft is the cloisonne pins, and the colored part is made of high-temperature baking of colored glass powder. It is the most valuable pins. However, there are only a few colors, and there are only about 150 kinds of pins. Cloisonne color.

Slightly cheaper is the imitation cloisonne pins, which uses a cloisonne-like process. The effect and quality of the product are better. Because of the color, more color options are selected using the color-tone matching system.

The paint pins is cheaper and its color is rich. There are micro reliefs on the surface.

The cheapest ones are printing pinss, various pictures, photos, etc. They can be printed directly on the metal plate, quickly and accurately.

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