Lapel Pins Storage Methods

Common storage methods are:

1 do not distributed: the advantage of simple, affordable, but the disadvantage can not be marked with historical data, easy to damage in the constant friction of the surface pattern of the stamping lapel pins. This method is in the primary who.

2 coin clip-on: the advantage is easy to carry, easy to custody, affordable drawback is unable to display historical data, and easy to pollution and corrosion. This method is more general enthusiasts.

3 issued by the original cassette: winner of the original full set of binding material. The advantage is small and exquisite, beautiful and luxurious, the disadvantage is that large and small, scattered tube to dissipate into the atmosphere, too hard for the rules. This method is adopted as the metal lapel pins directly winner.

4 cardboard Chip: 16 leaves cardboard sticky glossy, choreographed lapel pins sorting to the location of each patch ruled pencil lapel pins peripheral outline description, and then the cone needle tied into a row along the edge of the eye, dig out the inside of the cardboard debris, and then lapel pins inlaid into it. Programmed typing data and uniform numbers to cut the note rightly attached to the lapel pins below, out of cardboard and then put on a special plastic film, closed after a patch is completed. Each patch placed several lapel pins appropriate to the grades may lapel pins and insignia to determine the size.

High-grade hard enamel lapel pins are generally placed one to two ordinary. Lapel pins printing randomly put several by the creators of aesthetic. Patch system, each patch according to their category, number safekeeping of up to prepare for the exhibition. The advantage is to produce more scientific and philatelic patch characteristics, more ornamental and practical to save money, the disadvantage is difficult to match the high-grade chapter, like a beautiful wedding dress. This method is used by collectors of re-collection of the lack of financial resources.

5 boxed SMD: the first good system of 16 leaves plastic film, according to the programmed lapel pins program lapel pins disposable laminated synthetic, then cardboard off the transparent plastic box synthetic membranes installed in the bottom of the box, put away the soft cardboard lining plastic film below the lapel pins, it is steady and solid. Will be published good typing information affixed to the inside of the lid children, tightly closed,  fine graduation lapel pins patch is completed. The advantage is to produce beautiful, strong security, viewing and display. It is the lapel pins storage method the best, the safest, most beautiful custody. The disadvantage is the high cost


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