Lapel Pins Process Used Frequently (2)

Stamping lapel pin:commonly used materials are copper (copper, copper, etc.), zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., which can also be called a metal lapel pin which copper is the softest, most suitable for production of lapel pins, so the copper pressure The lapel pin of the clearest lines, followed by zinc alloy lapel pin, the surface of the corresponding copper lapel pin price is the highest pressure. stamping lapel pin can do a variety of plating effect, including gold, nickel, copper, bronze plated, antique silver plating various plating effect of the sunken part of the stamping lapel pin can also be processed into the frosted effect.

Lapel pin printing: divided into screen printing, lithography General also called Epoxy lapel pin, emblem of the last process is transparent protective surface of the lapel pin with a layer of resin (Poly), the materials used are stainless steel, bronze two kinds of material printed lapel pin of copper or stainless steel surface of the plating, the use of the true nature or brushed.

Screen printing lapel pins for simple graphics, color less

The offset printing lapel pins: for more complex patterns, colors, there is a gradient.


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