Lapel Pins Process Used Frequently (1)

Lapel pin production process up several lapel pin technology, soft enamel, imitation enamel, stamping, and other processes: photo etached, screen printing, offset printing, 3D effect.

Soft enamel lapel pin:sunken part of a variety of lapel pin color (our color Pantone color), lapel pin raised a variety of gold-plated, nickel plating effect (metallic color)

Soft enamel features: bright colors, crisp lines, metal materials, texture, copper or iron can be used to do the raw materials, including iron paint lapel pin is a cheap, if your budget is less, to select the most appropriate this!

Soft enamel lapel pin surface can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Poly), this process commonly known as “Epoxy” (note the reason, because of light refraction on a dispensing after the lapel pin shiny surface), but added after the resin paint lapel pin lost the concavity of the

Hard enamel lapel pin of the surface is flat (relative to paint it, in fact, the surface of the metal lines of imitation enamel lapel pin with your fingers to feel that there are still a little bit raised) lapel pin surface lines can be gold, silver, and other various metallic colors, metal between the lines filled with a variety of imitation enamel paint. imitation enamel picture effect

Hard enamel of the production process is similar to the enamel lapel pin (Cloisonne lapel pin), the difference is that with true enamel lapel pin used enamel paint (a true enamel paint, a synthetic enamel paint, imitation enamel paint)

Hard enamel lapel pins, exquisite, smooth surface enamel colors, especially delicate, giving a very high-end luxury feeling. lapel pin making process preferred. If you do first a and handsome high-grade lapel pins, imitation enamel lapel pin .


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