Lapel Pins Making In Beijing

The lapel pins making the features into the use of type and Memorial type

• Use type: Beijing is the capital of China and the political and cultural center, many large projects on competitions held in Beijing, such as the 2008 Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary celebration in 2009. The biggest feature is the use of type lapel pins badge was produced by the national authorities and units FREE and presented to the user. The use of the vast majority of the lapel pins is a limited release, so the lapel pins to enter the badge collection in the field, the price slightly higher than the other lapel pins, became a lapel pin collectors competed chasing the target, and promote the development and prosperity of the domestic lapel pin collection and lapel pins exchange.

· Memorial type: Olympic lapel pins, the 60th anniversary celebration of the lapel pins are for activities held to raise funds specifically for sale to the public and designed and manufactured for the purpose of, in terms of profits, is an integral part of the inevitable outcome of the activities.

Beijing lapel pin making customers are mainly distributed in companies, factories, schools, advertising design company badge, lapel pin production factory emblem, promotional lapel pins, gift badges, keychain, anniversary medals.

The Beijing lapel pin manufacturers mainly produce enamel lapel pin (cloisonne lapel pin), and the imitation enamel lapel pins, travel medals, coins, and other high-end lapel pin.

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