Lapel Pins Design Notes

Lapel pins of the production process, there are a lot of points to note, Take the drawing, the drawing process, must be carefully, because the lapel pins are generally included a corporate logo, a national symbol, so if less a point a draw the lines will change its meaning, a few days ago I drew a diagram of an United States flag pins, as shown in Figure

Due to an oversight, less in the blue region of the upper-left corner of the flag drew a star, as shown in the demanding boss, must be done guest satisfaction, so this still need to re-create, in fact, the boss can not say that is to require harsh , can be considered responsible for their own customers, which is the boss man of principle.

Not found in the latter part of the production process, the results mold engraved good product out, causing unnecessary losses for the company, but the only good news is that the quantity of this product is not large, but the boss accepted criticism, so determined to re-drawing process as carefully as possible the errors to a minimum, there is a saying, to err is human, but it happens, I called saints!


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