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There are many kinds of pins and there are many types of pins. Common collectors generally do not have a point. In fact, it is not difficult to identify pins. As long as you learn to understand the nature of the pins prior to collection, you can start slowly. The market is mainly based on the collection of a large variety of pins. , The scale is easy to collect. The pin category is mainly divided into the following categories:

First, the pin. The portrait chapter is the pin that occupies the majority of the pin category and is the focus of the pin collection. The largest number in China is the Mao Zedong pin. Before the founding of the People’s Republic, there was also the prosperity of Mao Zedong’s pin. Chairman Mao’s pin collects civil organizations and collects as many as one million people in the team.

Second, group pins. Group pins are generally large in number and varied in variety. Many countries’ governments or non-governmental organizations have their own community pins (such as the famous Red Cross pins, blue ribbons, red ribbons, etc.), and these kinds of pins are easy to collect because of the amount of education.

Third, the school pin. The school pin began to appear in the 1980s. At the beginning, it used a large number of university emblems. Later, many elementary and middle schools began to produce school pins. The foreign school pins are even more popular and the number is very large. It is second only to pins. The collection of such pins can be considered. Classifying different school types and periods, you can also collect only the school pins of famous schools.

Fourth, the medal. This type of pin has a wide variety of items and the largest number of them. Some of the pins also belong to this series. Generally, they can only be collected by special topics such as the Medal of Honor, Military Medals, Laoding Chapters, Scenic Tourism Commemors, etc. The current hottest collection is the latter. It is inexpensive and can be purchased anywhere. In addition to these categories, the various games pins are also more popular collection objects, especially the Olympic pins. However, due to the temporary nature of the games, the collection has a certain degree of difficulty and must be obtained through exchange. This is the main way of collecting this category.

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