Lapel Pins And Oath

Police to wear a lapel pin to warn criminals they protect social peace; Boy Scouts wear sports lapel pins in order to tell the world, they are always ready. The doctors are.

The lapel pin of a doctor’s white coat and stethoscope. Today, the medical lapel pin to convey information? If it still is proud to announce the health and dignity of the patients first?

Patients are hoping to get a doctor with the heart of “public servants” care

I want to say a brief but true story, as the start of a reflection of physician professionalism. The story with the students of a want to be doctors. He applied for a University of California, but his application but was thrown into the refuse folder. Excellent academic performance is not enough, he failed to enter the interview list.

University of California system, usually there will be a teacher to check all the refuse file folder to verify whether there are outstanding students neglected. This day, in charge of the work of Feith Fitzgerald Dr. found an unusual letter of recommendation. This letter from a school’s professor of biochemistry. The professor wrote in the letter, he rarely dealing with the premed students do not know the Admission Committee of the Medical School hope what students. He said he recommended the student is not an intellectual genius, is not very good at sports, but not very proficient in the literature, there is no extraordinary artistic or musical talent, is a practical, stable and ordinary young man. However, one aspect of an exception: The student has a heart of a “public servant (Servant’s heart).

Although the professor did not know the School of Medicine in the end value, but he believed that any patient would want to get to the heart of “public servants” of the doctor’s care.

This story takes place in 1996. University of California finally decided to interview the student, and he admitted to medical school. I recently learned that he is about to graduate, are receiving training in pediatric residency. I also heard that he has an identity of medical students elected to the AOA Honor Society, the Association’s mission is to serve patients glorious “.


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  1. Uzzielito Says:

    Wow your pins are SOOO cool! I’m in 4th grade and I do D.I. and you have the BEST pin collections! This year (2011) I went to glbaols and I thought pin trading would be boring and I thought I wouldnt like it but it was mainly all I did!!! LOVE YOUR PINS!!!~Rainy~