Knowledge About Imitation Enamel Lapel Pins

Imitation enamel lapel pins is a very nice lapel pins (personal view).

Imitation enamel lapel pin of the production process, we should note that matters the most, imitation enamel lapel pin is also a lapel pin in the more difficult to want the lapel pins to enamel plane must be a large area

Polishing, in this process, we modify the artwork is important to note that the size of the color region of the depression is whether it will be polished cast flat, and we have to note is raised metal letters, will be left the paste off, because the protruding metal into too polished become more and more coarse in the engraving process

It should be noted, because the color is not paint on the imitation enamel lapel pins, but creams, So Engraving process must be carved deep enough, otherwise creams can not go on, so that the enamel lapel pin notes on a lot, but do it the most beautiful lapel pins.


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