Irregular Lace Rotating Key Chain

Introduced today is a special rotating key ring, approximately as shown


The rotating key chain is produced for Wal-Mart, the center of the flower shape of the region is that Wal-Mart’s LOGO. As shown, the location in need of pumping heart is the location identified by the green line, badges like this, we reserve the distance probably is 2MM in the center of flowers with the outer border. Here we pay attention to is that each petal to the metal edges of the cylindrical must be kept at 2MM, the red line in Figure marked the location of the shape of an R trademark, we must note here is the key in this rotation buckle turn when we see the R logo, has been in the position now so in the zinc alloy to play Cotyledons must pay attention to the direction of the pros and cons of more than flowers.


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