Identifying Lapel Pins Of True Or False

1, Have not seen and there is no historical basis for the lapel pin, must figure out the source of its life experience, whether all elements in line with the prevailing historical environment, but also to identify the parameters of the manufacturing and awarded based on.

2, lapel pins do not understand the right moment, be sure to consult the experts identify. Especially for rare species of strange products, but also to the case.

3, to identify the lapel pin should pay attention to the texture is pure, and some need to test the purity of the material. In general, the Puppet Zhang, Republic of China Zhang, foreign chapter of fraud is very difficult to the treasures fake naked eye directly discernible. First, more because of such chapter is the forging of copper and nickel materials, produce very fine; such chapter from design to manufacturing fine rigorous, painting and calligraphy is very beautiful and sophisticated fabrication. Ancient City false chapter and more to the liberated areas, old revolutionary base areas, mostly because they easy to find material and monotonous design, simple process, fraud gap.

4, the so-called rare products or crude products, be sure to take extra care. A look at the material, the history of the two depends on three depends on technology, four depends calligraphy, five to look at patterns, six depends pack slurry. In short, we should like to identify ancient coins, antique lapel pins, calligraphy and print pins as seriously true.

5, Early lapel pin, must look natural package authenticity of the pulp. More than a fake metal lapel pin is made of metal, to inspect the material history characteristics; second inspection of their natural pack slurry is old traces. If you have the experience to identify ancient coins, identify counterfeit chapter like master. Two are similar.


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